D&C, Design & Comfort, strives to provide stylish and affordable shoes, bags and accessories for families from all backgrounds and walks of life. Established since 1989, the Singapore brand has progressed with utmost dedication to quality, comfort and excellent service for all.

For over 30 years, Design & Comfort has sold close to 10 million pairs of shoes to generations of Singaporeans and visitors, who love the brand’s stylish and comfortable designs and affordable price points.

Today, D&C, Design & Comfort has  grown steadily alongside Singapore’s  economic progress, with 19 retail stores  in Singapore major town hubs and shopping malls, as well as 5 boutiques in Yangon, Myanmar.

Our values


We pride ourselves on our rich history, and the quality and affordability of our products. Our designs provide a sense of everyday prestige for our customers.


We believe that customer support and care is imperative to our success. We are committed to providing high service standards at every touchpoint.


We make products that last. Our products are designed to be durable and are able to withstand a sustained period of everyday use.


We are committed to affordable prices, even for our most premium designs, because we are dedicated to serve families from all walks of life.


We never compromise on style and trendiness, no matter how functional our products are. Our catalogue is consistently updated throughout the year to reflect current fashion trends.